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Are you interested in an

apprenticeship to become a registered caregiver

at the Carl von Hess Sozialstiftung?

A meaningful, future-proof career choice

As a caregiver, you look after needy, usually elderly people. You assist them in coping with everyday life, advise them, motivate them to meaningful tasks and leisure activities. Another focus of your highly-skilled activity is carrying out medical and care tasks. You are the contact person for those being cared for, as well as their relatives and doctors.

The people you care for are not a fleeting part of your life. Instead, you usually accompany them for months or years. This can result in a real bond, which is a good feeling.

The proportion of elderly people in society is growing, and well-trained elderly caregivers are urgently needed now and in the future.

What we expect from you

As a caregiver, you should enjoy working in a team and be interested in medical, social and nursing issues. Patience and creativity are also important, as is the willingness to recognise and respect people in their religious and cultural contexts.

Admission requirements for the apprenticeship

In addition to physical fitness:

  • Secondary school level I certificate (Mittlere Reife), or
  • Another completed 10-year schooling which extends the secondary education certificate (Hauptschulabschluss), or
  • A secondary education certificate (Hauptschulabschluss) plus at least two further years of vocational training, or
  • A secondary education certificate (Hauptschulabschluss) and an at least one-year-long, successfully completed apprenticeship to become an elderly care assistant or nursing assistant.

Training duration

The apprenticeship lasts three full-time years

Comprehensive training

Training to become a caregiver is federally regulated and standardised in the Elderly Care Act (Altenpflegegesetz). The academic part of the apprenticeship takes place at vocational schools for elderly care, while the practical part takes place in retirement homes (block model). Training includes 2,100 hours of theoretical and practical instruction plus 2,500 hours of practical work where you can directly apply the knowledge you have acquired.

Income during the apprenticeship

1st year of apprenticeship 975,69 EUR
2nd year of apprenticeship 1037,07 EUR
3rd year of apprenticeship 1.138,38 EUR

Exam and completion

The apprenticeship is completed with a state exam consisting of a written, oral and practical segment. Those who pass the exam are state-approved caregivers.

Career advancement opportunities

Completing your apprenticeship to become an elderly caregiver offers you a number of interesting opportunities for further vocational training. You could become:

  • A residential manager, nursing manager or home manager
  • A geriatric psychiatry specialist
  • A practical instructor
  • A hygiene specialist
  • A nursing trainer


If we have sparked your interest, please get in touch with the respective facility’s retirement home management or nursing management.
Contact details can be found on the facility homepages.

We would be happy to invite you to a personal informative interview.


Apprentices in 2013

Auszubildende 2013

Apprentices at Dr. Maria Probst Seniorenheim

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Carl von Heß Sozialstiftung
Public law foundation
Ofenthaler Weg 18
D-97762 Hammelburg
phone (09732) 7886-100
fax      (09732) 7886-101


We are always interested in qualified caregivers.

If we have sparked your interest, please contact us.

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