Geriatric nurses

3 – 4 Geriatric nurses – at least for 3 years in Germany

In Germany people work very hard and live in small flats, so it is unusual to have own parents at homes of their children. For this reason old people live in special geriatric homes, well cared by professional nurses and helpers.

We are social foundation in the middle of Germany and own 5 of these oldpeople-homes and are looking forward to find warm hearted qualified nurses from India with nursing degree B.S.C. We would prefer male Christians or couples and expect basic German language skills according to level A 2 when they start. Later on here in the country we support them to improve their language skills because it is very important to communicate with the patients. Furthermore it is necessary for the recognition of their nursing-degree to reach language-level B 2 and to pass a test.

We offer a contract for 3 years and a very good salary of € 900,- equal around 75000 INR monthly(!), as a helper in the beginning according 170 hours working time per month, food and accommodation will be available. After recognition as a nurse with language level B 2 the salary will be € 1100,- = INR 90000 per month! We pay our staff for a yearly holiday for 24 days ( 4 weeks ) and for flight and visa fees and health-care, pension- and unemployed insurance.

Additionally we pay as a bonus for Christmas in December 700 Euros = 56000 INR.

Please send us your complete CV and scanned documents with photo and let us know when you could come at the earliest. We support you with all matters of visa application at the German Embassy in Bangalore.

Please contact:
Mr. Marco Schaefer
Managing Director
Ofenthaler Weg 18
D 97762 Hammelburg
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.